Monday, July 5, 2010

Recent cards

My friend Judy was born just 4 days after me.  This was her birthday card this year.  The stamp is from Oh No She Didn't T-3332 & the printed paper from Kaleidoscope Girls V-920.

Vanessa is my youngest daughter and she celebrated her 28th birthday in May.  She loves the beach, surfing and sand.  I made the VW bug using Bug of Fun T-3241.  The sand & shells are real (from Hawaii)!
Vanessa & Star just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and their card is made using Artsy Owls T-3038 and paper from Winchester Soar With It V-835.  I love the Googlie Eyes - not that they are googlie!

The next 3 cards were done as contest entries for Terrific Trio in May.  They didn't win :(  but here they are anyway.  The stamps are from Little Bird T-3249 and the sayings from Savy Sayings T-3256.  The cardstock is the Lilly Anna Soar With V-833 and matching cardstock B-314.

The baby card was from my friend Stephanie.  She did her baby's room in these colors with Lady Bugs.  The stamp is now discontinued, but was one I just loved.


  1. Cindie - your cards are so Fantastic! Love the trio of birds. The Bug of Fun Card is so very neat - that's a very creative, well thought card! Looking forward to more....

  2. Love your cards, Cindie! They are all so creative and colored nicely. Good work!