Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter!
I haven't been keeping up with blogging and was quite shocked to see that I haven't posted since last July!  I have been making lots of cards and paper crafts, but just haven't taken the time to blog.  Shame on me!

I wanted to put something on the birthday gift for my sweet Granddaughter who turned 4 last week.  Since each year is so important to young ones, I started out wanting to put a very large number on her gift.  Then I wanted there to be words or something on the "4".  After searching and finding nothing, I decided to try my hand at doing my own.  I used MDS by Stampin' UP (sorry to say that are dumping this great program) and I made this:
I did the large "4" cut out in Silhouette Designer and layered a nice yellow under it.  Here was my final product:

I also made a card for her, but - of course - forgot to take a photo of it!

I want to next do paper for "3" and my other granddaughter will be turning 3 in November.  Even though I have lots of time to get it done, I probably need to do it sooner rather than later.  :)