Thursday, April 26, 2012

Altered T-Shirt Neckline

Recently I came across a T-Shirt that I loved, but didn't like the way it felt when I wore it.  I decided it was because the neck binding was too high.  So, I worked on it.  Now I love the shirt and I am "fixing" other ones, too.  Here is what I did - - - -
After removing the tags (thank you to the person who decided to just print stuff on the inside of the shirt rather than having these neck ticklers), I grabbed what had been my mother's Pinking Shears.
Starting at the back, I trimmed the binding using the top stitching as a guide.  I cut just to the right of it.
Each time I moved the scissors, I placed them in the zig/zag of the prior cut and worked my way around to the starting point.
Here is my finished neckline!

Oh so much better!!!!

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