Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation cards

I needed to make a couple of graduation cards, so I went to Pinterest for inspiration.  This first one was so cute, but the link was broken and therefore, no instructions.  Never fear - - - I worked it all out!

This is an A10 (4 x 9.25) card.  The black cardstock for the card base is 10 x 7.25.  To score the card, make sure the 10 inch side is across the top of your board and score at 1, 3, 7, & 9.  Fold the 3" and 7" scores toward each other and then the 1" and the 9" marks back to make the front pleats of the gown.  Glue them in place.  Cut 2 pieces of black at 2 7/8" square to form the cap.  I placed a brad in the middle before I glued them together.  I glued the cap to the left side of the card so that the total height equals 9.25".  I did have to add a 1" strip of black to the left side of the card flap as there was a small gap after the card was folded colosed.  I actually used a scrap of the black cut 1" x 7.25.  I like the added piece as it makes it look like the inset for the zipper of the gown.  The white cardstock center is 3 7/8" x 7 1/8".  You could do slots for money or a check.  Because it is an A10, it fits a business sized envelope.

I also another cute card on Pinterest that I wanted to try.  This one is courtesy of Dawn Olchefske at  She has the size for an A2 (4.25 x 5.5) card, but I wanted it a bit larger, so I did an A6 (4.5 x 6.25).
 My black cardstock was cut 4.5" x 10.75".  Score the long side at 6.5" and then mark 2.25" ABOVE and BELOW your score.  Also mark at 2.25 across the short side.  Score an "X" from the marks on either side.  Cut the angle of the hat from the center mark at the top of the card to the top of the "X" on each side.  Fold along all score lines and fold the middle section inward to create the hat.  I set a brad in the middle of the "hat" and attached a faux tassel.  The white cardstock is cut 4" x 5 7/8" for the lower portion of the card.  I marked at 2" at the center of the top and 2" down on each side.  Cut the angle from the marks to form the inside layer.  The square layer of white for the underside of the "hat" is cut 3 1/8" square. 

Congradulations to all of the Class of 2012!

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  1. Love the card. Thanks for the instructions too! Great job....