Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diaper Cake - First for Me

This coming Saturday is a baby shower for my daughter Vanessa.  The theme is "A little pumpkin is on the way!".  Her older sister, Beth, asked me to do a Diaper Cake.  I've looked at them, but never attempted one.  Then Beth asked if maybe I could do it in the shape of a pumpkin!

Several months ago I had purchased a box of Hawaiian Limited Edition Huggie Diapers.  Half of the 72 diapers are an orange color and the other half are blue.  So, half of the battle - pumpkin color is taken care of.  Now, how do do this?  I started with a 16" Wilton Cake Separator Plate, 2 spools of orange ribbon (10 ft each), a 13" apple basket, and the diapers.  I covered the basket with a plastic bag so that it wouldn't snag any of the diapers and I filled the inside of it with the blue ones to give it some weight.  Using the 2 different ribbons, I cut 15" pieces and taped them to the Cake Plate - 6 of the wider ribbon and 6 of the narrow - evenly around.
I added the first layer of diapers on the wider ribbon by laying 3 along the ribbon and then pulling it up and taping it to the top.
 I then repeated the process with laying 3 diapers on the narrow ribbon.  This gives the pumpkin ridges.  I added green felt leaves and topped with a cute teddy bear.
The small pumpkins are cut with my Cricut using the Creative Memories - Artiste cartridge.  They will be table decorations.

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